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Faissal Alhaithami:  "Social Media Specialist @Kataraqatar, #Founder of Fansbridge.com, #Blogger, #Entrepreneur, #SocialMedia Lover, Tea Addict And #Kickboxing Player. #Doha #Qatar."

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Fotolia:  "Over 14 million affordably-priced stock photos. Crowd-powered by amazing photographers worldwide. Fotolia.com"

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Nicholas Cardot:  "The transformation begins with you. Develop the leader inside you and become the driving influence your community is looking for. [email protected]"

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Lisa Irby:  "I earn a living online as an affiliate marketer and have a passion for helping others through my sites and video. Download my free book ThePerfectSiteGuide.com"

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Roberto Montanez:  "ItBM is the podcast that looks at the reasons why we blog and the people behind blogs. We invite guests to share their experiences and their journey."


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