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ريما الخالدي (with 5,007 friends)

rima.khalidi:  ""Out beyond ideas of right thinking and wrong thinking..there is a field..I'll meet you there" Rumi"

Hennessy Youngman (with 5,005 friends)

hennessyyoungman:  ""

Lillian Wong (with 4,999 friends)

lillianwong1:  "2010 Luxury Home Tour Affiliate of the Year! For exceptional world-class service! Empower yourself and give yourself the tools you need to succeed!! Mortgage market maven, real estate / economic prognosticator, tech / web enthusiast."

Reetha P Problogger (with 4,999 friends)

businessvartha:  "I am a blogger: Visit my blog:"

Brent Nathaniel Hunter (with 4,998 friends)

brentnhunter13:  "Building a bridge from war to peace, from the present to our common future, for the benefit of all world citizens... one person at a time. Come join us! ( http://www.TheRainbowBridge.TV ) Facebook page: http://www.BrentHunter..."


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