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GuyKawasaki (with 500,677 followers)

Guy Kawasaki:  "Author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. Former chief evangelist of Apple. Co-founder of Alltop. "

winscholarships (with 39,846 followers)

winscholarships:  "Win free scholarships up to $10,000 every month! How? Simple. Earn points and use them to enter free scholarship drawings. "

DenverPostPicks (with 13,036 followers)

Denver Post Picks:  "Cool stuff from the Denver Post's site ... maintained by @denverpostjoe"

alevin (with 1,424 followers)

Adina Levin:  "Socialtext cofounder/product mgt, social software, misc. civic ventures e.g. drivelesschallenge.com. "

petergrainge (with 209 followers)

Peter Grainge:  "Day job is Documentation Manager with Advanced Business Solutions. Night shift is RoboHelp forum and my site."


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